Takashi Yanagi, founder and CEO of Dermabeam

Takashi, the founder of Dermabeam, was inspired to create the company after experiencing the life-transforming benefits of light therapy. He suffers from a variety of skin conditions including severe acne and eczema and red and infrared light therapy has helped him heal and maintain healthy skin. He realized that this technology could change the world by improving people’s skin and health in a radically safe and effective way.

“Light therapy allowed my skin to heal, and I got my confidence back. This inspired me to create Dermabeam and we’re on a mission to spread the benefits of light therapy worldwide.” 

Dermabeam offers a variety of sleek light therapy devices that offer a multitude of health benefits including improvements in skin complexion, cellular energy, and overall longevity while maintaining an excellent safety profile. Their best-selling product is a light therapy mask called the Dermabeam Pro. It boasts a cordless, rechargeable, powerful, comfortable, and lightweight mask that uses LED light therapy technology to help fight problematic skin, and best of all, it’s now available at an affordable price! Dermabeam aims to bring light therapy into the mainstream.

Dermabeam strives to offer the best light therapy devices in the world. Light therapy provides numerous health benefits by energizing cells to heal, including improving skin complexion, strengthening the immune system, and reducing pain and inflammation. These benefits have been published over 6,000 times in the National Library of Medicine for a variety of conditions. Still, light therapy has been severely underutilized in modern society due to a lack of awareness and education.

Currently, Dermabeam offers two types of light therapy devices – masks for the face and panels for the entire body. The Dermabeam Pro (mask) is perfect for people who want to address skin issues like wrinkles, acne, big pores, hyperpigmentation, and sunspots. Its 7 LED light colors – red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and white – have different wavelengths penetrating multiple layers of the skin to improve overall complexion. The benefits of light therapy are scientifically backed and have been clinically proven by dermatologists.

The panels for the body are called Dermabeam Supremes which offers both red and infrared light therapy. They range in power from 200W (10 inches) to 3600W (6 feet). A notable Dermabeam Supreme 2400W user is Apolo Ohno who is the most decorated American at the Winter Olympics after winning a total of 8 medals. Although retired, he uses his Dermabeam daily to speed up muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, and boost his immune system. Other notable owners of the Dermabeam Pro include Sommer Ray, Bella Thorne, David Dobrik, and Diplo.