Dermabeam Supreme 300W – Compact Light Therapy Device


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Dermabeam Supreme 300W is the ultimate compact light therapy device.

Red: 660nm (for skin improvement) // Infrared: 850nm (for muscle improvement) // Instructions: 10 minutes daily // Door Hook & Lifting Rope: Included // Product Lifespan: 50,000 hours (5+ years) // Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS // Shipping Time: 1 month // Warranty: 1 year

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22 reviews for Dermabeam Supreme 300W – Compact Light Therapy Device

  1. Nicole M.

    I travel a lot so I like to carry the Supreme 300 with me. I don’t go a day without using my Dermabeam. It’s really helped with the psoriasis on my arm!!!

  2. Linda

    I have lots of ankle pain so I put this underneath my desk and use it daily. After 3 weeks, I’m amazed at how much my ankle feels. So much better so I’m really happy with my purchase.

  3. Ricky T

    Sleek design and solid materials, great product.

  4. Anna P

    I got one and will get one for my brother too. love using dermabeam

  5. Randy C

    I’m a red light fanatic so I had to try this and of course I love it! Sleek design and compact. I wanna get the bigger supreme too…gotta save up!

  6. Ida P.

    I live in Canada so I don’t get much sunlight during winter – this has saved me with my depression

  7. Quinn

    My psoriasis has improved thanks to the 300. Very thankful.

  8. Lucy H.

    This was a gift from my sister and I love using it after soccer practice when my legs are sore. Definitely helps.

  9. JC

    I have this next to me at my work table and whenever I take a break, I turn this on and meditate for 3 minutes. It really takes the stress away and I can gather my focus. I noticed my skin is better too after a month. Great investment!

  10. Chris P

    My arm rash has gotten significantly better thanks to the supreme machine. I’ll keep using it and like it very much.

  11. Mick Johnson

    This sits on my bathroom counter and I use it after I shower. I’ve noticed improvements in skin after a week.

  12. Cody P.

    Heavier than I thought but works well.

  13. Sarah F.

    I have this beside my nightstand to help me meditate and sleep – happy with the purchase!

  14. Paul O

    The 300 has different timer settings and I can use both red and infrared at the same time. Awesome product that works.

  15. Flora R

    This really lifts my mood up when I feel sad, I sit in front and meditate and do yoga!

  16. Shanelle

    I put my face in front of the 300 after I use the serum and I feel sooooo good after!

  17. Judy W.

    Great device that I can travel with. It fits in my luggage bag.

  18. Janice

    The box had a scratch, the device is fine

  19. Stan

    The hinge broke when I dropped it but it still turns on, like it overall

  20. Isabelle

    The gifts of the PRO and Serum are great bonuses, the 300 really works on my shoulder.

  21. Jake

    I use this device every morning now, want to gift my brother too soon. It works!!

  22. Rachel W.

    My ankle was hurting for 3 months and this 300w device helped ease the pain in a week!!! I’ll keep using it and recommend it.

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