Are you a licensed esthetician, spa owner, or dermatologist?

Professionals can work with Dermabeam in several ways:
1. Sell the masks to clients
2. Use the mask as a service
3. Sell the Supreme devices
4. Use the Supreme as a service (ex. $100 for 30 minutes)

Our Devices

We offer the most effective professional devices in the world that offer Red (630+660nm) and Near-Infrared (810+830+850nm) Light Therapy with powerful mW/cm2 coverage.

Stimulates Collagen Production
Eliminates Acne Bacteria
Reduces Oily Skin
Heals Acne Scars
Improves Wrinkles
Reduces Redness & Inflammation
Fades Hyperpigmentation & Sunspots


Increased ROI

Increase your income by over 50% when you offer a full-body light therapy service using the Dermabeam Supreme and an add-on product such as the Dermabeam Pro for your clients to take home

Unique Device

Differentiate yourself as a dermatologist or esthetician by offering a service and an add-on product that makes you stand out from other professionals

Education & Support

The Dermabeam team will provide on-going education and support for professionals to use the latest techniques and devices in light therapy. We will provide you with the latest research in light therapy techniques.

Easy Treatments

Dermabeam treatments are simple to do with no mess involved. Just simply turn on the device and use it for 10-20 minutes!

How Do I Purchase Multiple Devices?

To purchase Dermabeams at wholesale prices, you will need to show proof of a state license upon checkout including the license number and state in which you are licensed. 

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