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The Dermabeam Pro offers medical-grade LEDs to energize skin cells for healthier skin. It is non-invasive, painless, and safe for all skin types.

Includes: Mask, USB-C Cable, Bag, Manual // Instructions: 20 minutes daily // LED Lights: 115 // Colors: 7 // Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS // Warranty: 100 Days

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(107 customer reviews)




107 reviews for Dermabeam Pro – LED Therapy Mask

  1. Kassie

    This mask is so much better than using harsh skincare products. Once I started using it and seeing the results, I was hooked for life. I’ll never go a day without using it.

  2. Mandy

    I use Dermabeam every night while I have my collagen sheet mask on. I know that it can help absorb nutrients better!

  3. Sofia

    ¡mi hermana me recomendó esto y me encanta usarlo!

  4. Will

    I swear my psoriasis has gotten better thanks to Dermabeam. I was super skeptical at first but I looked into the clinical studies and the research is actually legit…wow I wish I knew of this 2 years ago.

  5. Rich

    I love how this mask reduces my inflammation and my stress. I use it every morning while I meditate.

  6. Huang

    In China, these are very popular. I got one when I moved to SF and can’t stop using it!!

  7. Carlos

    My sister recommended this to me. I look like a robot but my skin is healing!

  8. PingLi

    I’m happy with Dermabeam!! Very happy and satisfied!!

  9. Bryce

    Great for taking away those little wrinkles on your face..the small improvements made the biggest change for me!

  10. Claire

    The lights flash on and off while it charges – I thought it was broken!

    • Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

      It’s not broken! It is normal for the mask to flash on and off while it is being charged.

  11. Sarah

    I started to see wrinkles this year so I was determined to do anything to maintain healthy skin. I found this product and I noticed my fine lines fading away after 3 months!!!

  12. Martina

    La máscara necesita tener una batería más larga

  13. Connie

    I started using this and now it’s incorporated into my daily routine. I moisturized and then I Dermabeam!

  14. Nadia

    OMG this is the best thing for my skin. It has completely transformed and restored my skins quality texture and appearance I love using it. My sister noticed a difference with my skin without me mentioning! Love having this at the palm of my hand using when needed 🙌🤩 definitely worth it

  15. Mason

    I can’t say enough good things about dermabeam. My sunspots have faded after 2 months. I will continue using this every day!!!

  16. Jose

    My acne was baddd and I felt ugly. Dermabeam really helped me heal and my confidence is BACK. Thank YOU!!!

  17. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    We have a 3 month warranty for defective products! Please send us an email at and we will send you a NEW one asap!

  18. Sammy

    I use Dermabeam when I wake up for 10 minutes. It helps me to stay refreshed!!

  19. Coco

    Dermabeam gives my skin energy. I can FEEL it. Love it!!!!

  20. Sebastian Paredes

    Absolutely love, such an easy way to get the benefits of red light therapy.

  21. Steve

    I know this product is for females but IDGAF – this helped me with my acne. I love u dermabeam!

  22. Nia

    I can feel the difference after using it for a week. I had a breakout after a facial and started using this twice a day everyday and my acne disappeared

  23. Lacy

    I LOVE how my skin feels after using the mask. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  24. Cristy

    I have super sensitive skin so this mask is the perfect device because it’s effective and harmless.

  25. Mary

    I’ve been raving about this to ALL my girlfriends. WOW I LOVE DERMABEAM!!

  26. Nadia

    This mask helped me learn the science behind light therapy. I’m HOOKED for life.

  27. Lucia

    Si la duración de la batería y la lente fueran mejores, le daría 5 estrellas.

  28. Crystal

    I love Dermabeam so much I got one for my husband!

  29. Julia

    the battery life could be longer but I’m happy with the product. 4 stars.

  30. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    We have a 3 month warranty for defective products! Please send us an email at and we will send you a NEW one asap!

  31. han

    Great product! really works to clear acne!

  32. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    The mask comes in a tight box so it will loosen once it’s outside the box. It should form to your face after a few days. We have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy if you submit “before” pictures of your skin on the day of the purchase and are NOT happy with the results after 60 days of daily use. We recommend using the mask every day for the best results!

  33. Gen

    Highly recommend!! I can’t believe how fast I’m seeing results.

  34. Adam

    This mask is really something special. After looking into the science behind light therapy, it’s a no-brainer. It pays for itself with the cost-savings from not needing to refill skincare products every month.

  35. Cindy

    Say no more! It is a gamechanger. Everyone needs to add this to your skincare routine 🙌🏻

  36. jose

    dermabeam me ha ayudado a curar mi acné y recuperar mi confianza.

  37. Trey

    Great product! Will purchase as gifts for others in the future

  38. Liz

    This is an affordable way to get the benefits of light therapy. I noticed improvements in my skin after 1 month of use!

  39. Anna P

    The touch sensor can be hard to use, but overall I like the product.

  40. hugo

    Mi mamá me compró esto y estoy muy feliz porque ha ayudado a que mi acné se cure más rápido.

  41. Tom

    I’ve been waiting for an affordable light mask to hit the market for so long! Just got the Dermabeam Pro yesterday and it blew my expectations out of the water. Thank you Dermabeam!!!

  42. Josh Massey

    Freaking amazing!!

  43. KG

    The design is amazing! super comfortable and lightweight

  44. Jenn

    I like it but I don’t love it.

    • Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

      We have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy if you submit “before” pictures of your skin on the day of the purchase and are NOT happy with the results after 60 days of daily use. We recommend using the mask every day for the best results!

  45. Brian K

    I from Korea and we have some of the best beauty products. But this mask hands down is a game changer. Can feel and see a difference from just one mask on session. Awesome product! My mom loves it as well 🙂

  46. Danny

    Awesome product that actually works for getting rid of acne!

  47. Maha

    Never thought that light could affect facial skin in somy positive ways derma beam is amazing and it actually works incredibly. Definitely the future of skin care!

  48. Elen Polixena Yannis

    My SKIN is glowing. What a hugeeeee difference. It took so long to find something that worked. It’s so nice hot to have TIRED looking skin anymore. 10/10

  49. Charles – Sergio

    I’ve tried so many products with little to no results and this one in just a few weeks has done so much for my skin! Would recommend to anyone that struggles with over the counter products and any type of blemish-prone skin. Dermabeam is amazing!

  50. Sopeary

    This mask is perfect for everyday skin care use. It targets all the needs from clearing up skin to helping boost collagen production.

  51. Akira


  52. Cassi P

    This is great! My skin is glowing!

  53. Roby

    Really helped with my skin! I had sunspots that have definitely faded.

  54. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    We have a 3 month warranty for defective products! Please send us an email at and we will send you a NEW one asap!

  55. Jinks

    My skin looks so much healthier. I didn’t think it was going to do anything since it’s just light but I’m very impressed with the results.

  56. Maahez

    Hands down the future of skin care. Definitely amazed by the results I’m putting all my friends on lol

  57. Nikoline

    Such a solid product when it comes to rejuvenating/repairing skin. I’m always on the lookout for new skin products, and this will definitely be a product that I incorporate into my skincare!!

  58. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    We have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy if you submit “before” pictures of your skin on the day of the purchase.

  59. Daniel

    Love this addition to my overall health regimen. Not only does it look badass, it is the most efficient at providing the red light directly to the targeted areas. Highly recommend.

  60. Apolo

    Glowing skin, even tone, brightening, and I legit feel more confident because I look so rested. Used it after a long night of no sleep and random people commenting on the quality of skin. Can’t believe this is legal.

  61. Uma

    The touch sensor gets glitchy… 3 stars

    • Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

      We have a 3 month warranty for defective products! Please send us an email at and we will send you a NEW one asap!

  62. Davis

    This really works, it cleared up my adult acne and I swear it’s making me look younger after just 2 weeks of using it.

  63. Douglas

    If I could give this more than 5 stars I would. I suffered from dark spots and uneven texture. Within 60 days I noticed a 70% improvement. I can’t wait to see what kind of improvement I get over the next 60 days.

    One more thing, the fact that my eyes are not exposed and protected is very important to me. The other masks that I debated on buying did not have this feature. True game changer.

  64. Sherrein

    I’ve struggled w/ eye bags, and tired looking skin. Not sure why or how this product works but I look 10 years younger. Thank you. Very very happy customer.

  65. Derek

    Awesome! I’m loving it already!

  66. Cason

    Incredible product. The results speak for themselves. Get ya one and try it out, best decision yet that I’ve made for my skin!

  67. Anna Feldoni

    I used to have breakouts, but the LED light killed all the bacteria I was having trouble with. Nothing worked as well as Dermabeam for my acne and blemishes. I tried all sorts of washes, salicylic acid, and masks. Ultimately this worked for me. I wear it at night before bed after washing my face with natural cleaners and I have noticeably reduced outbreaks. Don’t miss this affordable and permanent solution!

  68. Logan

    WOW!! Where has this been all of my life?! I have been using it for about a month and my skin has never looked better! My pores have pretty much disappeared and my makeup goes on flawlessly! Highly recommend!

  69. Michael

    As a skin care fanatic, I can’t speak highly enough about how well this works. Dermabeam is a key part of my routine now and my skin has never looked better.

  70. Nick

    Such a FIRE product – wow I love this mask and how it makes my skin feel.

  71. Hailey C

    Amazing product! After only a few weeks of using I’ve seen rapid progress. Favorite product i’ve tried to date! Super fast shipping

  72. Wardalynn

    In LOVE with this product. I’ve used other masks before but this one is so handy because it’s cordless. LED light therapy really is such a game changer. Highly recommend!

  73. Ricky

    Had MANY issues with my skin in the past and I must say, Dermabeam is what’s next for the skincare industry. I only use it about once or twice a week and within the first couple uses, my skin started to clear up!

  74. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    We have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy if you submit “before” pictures of your skin on the day of the purchase and are NOT happy with the results after 60 days of daily use. We recommend using the mask every day for the best results!

  75. Eryn

    I’ve struggled with acne for years and it’s following me into my adult life. With DermaBeam I can now not only help my acne, but I can also address other skin concerns like redness and oily skin.

  76. Max

    As a person who values skin care, dermabeam was a very welcoming addition to my already robust skin routine. Just using this for a few hours a day has yielded positive results. Highly recommend to others.

  77. Jeff

    I have struggled with adult acne for years and this really helped me out ! It really helped clear your my skin and I’m really happy I gave it a try

  78. Bill

    I like the mask but I can’t see out of it…visibility needs to improve.

    • Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback! We are already developing Dermabeam 2.0 and the visibility will be 100x better.


    Great product. Haven’t found something this good at rejuvenating my skin!

  80. Helen Cooper

    Best mask ever! I’m obsessed and will be buying it for my family for Christmas

  81. Julia

    Love this mask use it every week so relaxing and I see results!! Definitely worth the price and shipping was fast

  82. Anna P

    I’m so glad I purchased these mask. I’ve no time to get facials and these mask have saved me so much money and time. I feel like my pores are minimized and skin looks radiant and healthy. Best investment ever!

  83. Yale

    Skin is much clearer – it’s particularly great to be able to use this while multitasking since I’m awful at keeping up with skincare routines in addition to my busy lifestyle

  84. Michael

    I got this as a gift for my girl friend. She really likes the fit and finish of the product. There are great amount of precision LEDs on the inside surface of the mask which are really sparkling. Can’t wait to do a long term review on this product.

  85. Jasmine S.

    I love this product! The lights are so fun and my skin feels so much clearer since buying!

  86. Huang


  87. Kei

    Just an amazing mask! My skin feels great!

  88. Alexandra

    Honestly such a fun and easy addition to my skin care regimen. My skin is super sensitive and normally gives me a lot of grief but it’s improved a lot since I’ve started using Dermabeam!!

  89. Reese Darlington

    I love this! I see my pores getting smaller each day! Can’t wait to see long term benefits from using! Thank you for changing my life

  90. Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

    We have a 3 month warranty for defective products! Please send us an email at and we will send you a NEW one asap!

  91. Kim

    Dermabeam has become a part of my every day skincare routine. I put vitamin c serum on and then use the mask for 20 minutes every morning and night! I love this product so so so so so muchhhh!

    • Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

      I’m so happy to read this!!! Thank you for your kind words!

  92. Davis

    This really works, it cleared up my adult acne and I swear it’s making me look younger super quick.

  93. Vanessa

    I got one for my sister and for my boyfriend because I love this mask so much!!!

  94. Carlos

    Before Dermabeam, I never heard about light therapy. Now that I see the benefits from using it, I’m a BIG believer!

    • Takashi Yanagi (verified owner)

      The simplest way to explain light therapy is mitochondria in the skin cells absorbs light particles to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) aka the energy source for cells. By improving cellular energy, cells repair themselves quickly and your skin stays healthy!

  95. Tavo

    Estoy muy impresionado con la iluminación y la calidad de la máscara!

  96. Sasha S

    Best investment I’ve ever made!! After suffering from acne and oily skin for years, in just a few weeks of using dermabeam I can already see a huge difference. The other night my friends even complimented my skin at dinner, and I couldn’t remember the last time I heard such a thing! Thanks dermabeam!

  97. Nessa

    I use this daily now and love it so much! I’m recommending this to ALL my friends!

  98. Isabella

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE – I’m a skincare freak so this device is perfect for me needs!!!

  99. Setti

    As an Esthetic Salon owner I highly recommend this product. LED light is fantastic of overall skin health. This is the most powerful LED Light mask I have found yet.

  100. Li Zhen

    I love Dermabeam and I try to use mine every day. It helps me to relax too after a stressful day!

  101. Savannah S.

    I recently got into incorporating light therapy into my skin care routine and a friend of mine recommended Dermabeam…. I. LOVE. IT!!!!!! It’s so fun and it makes me feel great!

  102. XiaoXue

    I see this in Asia but not a lot in America so I’m glad to see Dermabeam here. I’m a big fan of light therapy and Dermabeam!!

  103. paula

    Me gusta la máscara pero desearía que la lente fuera mejor

  104. Michael

    This mask is so therapeutic to disconnect and recharge before and after a long day and the lights are more powerful and higher quality than any other light therapy devices I’ve used before.

  105. Penny

    I’m a 45 year old mom with 2 teenagers. I got one for my wrinkles and then 2 more for my kids who are starting to get acne. I LOVE my Dermabeam.

  106. Liv

    I now own both the Dermabeam and Dermabeam Pro!! I’m a cosmetologist and someone who has worked in spa’s for over 7 years. I think the Dermabeam mask is not just comparable to a professional LED light treatment, it’s better. Aside from being more accessible, more comfortable, and more affordable-it actually did more for my skin. Both machines create me a much clearer complexion. However, Dermabeam reduced inflammation I didn’t even know I had been suffering from. The improved circulation and reduced inflammation is a great feeling. I got a little emotional because the physical relief combined with the appearance of my skin helped my self-esteem in a way I didn’t think was possible.

  107. Casey (verified owner)

    Awesome product. I have noticed a difference after the first month of use. The best part is other people have noticed too. I’m definitely sticking with it and I definitely highly recommend. I love taking 20 minutes a day to talk to my cells while using Dermabeam. Not sure how the different colors affect my skin, but it works. Very satisfied customer.

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