What Makes Dermabeam So Effective?

100% Safe

Our light therapy masks and devices are non-invasive and are 100% safe to use at home.

For All Skin Types

Dermabeam light therapy devices are suitable for all skin types and can be used by all age groups.

Repairs Skin Cells

Our light therapy devices are engineered to provide skin cells with extracellular energy for healing and repair.

About Dermabeam

Dermabeam is a light therapy company born out of Los Angeles, California. Takashi Yanagi, the Founder and CEO of Dermabeam, struggled with acne and eczema for over 20 years before he discovered the healing power of phototherapy. Now, his mission is to share the benefits of light therapy with the world and offer the best devices possible. With Dermabeam, you can enjoy clear skin and improved health in just minutes a day. Get our LED light therapy devices to see the results yourself.

How Does LED Light Therapy Work?

Our LED light therapy masks emit different wavelengths of visible light. The wavelengths in light are absorbed by the mitochondria in our cells which produces more cellular energy. This energy is then used to repair and rejuvenate the skin and body which are made up of trillions of cells.

LED Light Therapy Benefits

Stimulates Collagen Production
Reduces Oily Skin
Eliminates Acne Bacteria
Improves Wrinkles
Heals Acne Scars
Reduces Redness & Inflammation
Fades Hyperpigmentation & Sunspots

Dermabeam Pro Benefits

Dermabeam offers a variety of sleek LED light therapy devices that offer a multitude of health benefits including improvements in skin complexion, cellular energy, and overall longevity while maintaining an excellent safety profile. Acne, scars, wrinkles, and inflammation are some of the many skin issues that the Dermabeam Pro can help improve. It has 7 different LED lights that each serve a unique purpose in terms of healing the skin.

It is cordless, rechargeable, powerful, comfortable, and a lightweight mask that uses LED light therapy technology to help fight problematic skin. LED light therapy is a safe and effective way to treat a variety of skin issues. Unlike other treatments that rely on harsh chemicals or drugs, light therapy naturally energizes skin cells to repair themselves. Light therapy can be used to trigger the production of collagen and elastin, two important proteins that keep the skin looking young and healthy. Best of all, light therapy is non-invasive and has an excellent safety profile.

Dermabeam in Action

The LED Light Therapy Mask, Dermabeam Pro, is a great way to ease wrinkles and fine lines. The mask has a touch sensor that allows you to change the LED colors – depending on what treatment you need. In the video, you can see how the mask is placed, and how the light is then turned on. The light penetrates the skin and helps to reduce wrinkles. The process is simple and easy to use. After just two weeks of use, you’ll start to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your skin. So why wait? Get Dermabeam Pro, the LED Light Therapy Mask for your skin today!

Will K.
Will K.
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"I swear my psoriasis has gotten better thanks to Dermabeam. I was super skeptical at first but I looked into the clinical studies and the research is actually legit…wow I wish I knew of this 2 years ago."
Nadia H.
Nadia H.
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"5 stars - OMG this is the best thing for my skin. It has completely transformed and restored my skins quality texture and appearance I love using it. My sister noticed a difference with my skin without me mentioning! Love having this at the palm of my hand using when needed definitely worth it."
Kelly C.
Kelly C.
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"I’ve been waiting for an affordable LED light mask to hit the market for so long! Just got the Dermabeam Pro yesterday and it blew my expectations out of the water. Thank you Dermabeam!!!"