“Rejuvenated skin, reduced wrinkle levels, and juvenile complexion, previously realized in 10 months of light treatment alone were realized in 1 month of using green tea combined with red light therapy.”

2009 Study From The Univeristy of Ulm (Germany)

Everyone wants an edge when it comes to skincare. Many people have discovered the power of green tea to improve their skin’s look and feel. Likewise, many beauty connoisseurs find that LED light therapy, such as red light therapy devices, can help reduce wrinkles and make skin appear younger. But, can green tea and red light therapy be used together? You may have heard mixed advice. Let’s iron out the wrinkles on the best approach when using these anti-aging treatments.

Green tea contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) that reduces melanin secretion and production in melanoma cells. EGCG also has positive effects on skin hydration, moisture retention, and wrinkle formation, in addition to radical scavenging activity and reduction of melanin generation.

A German study in 2009 found that using green tea combined with red light therapy had an amplified skin-rejuvenating effect on the skin. During the experiment, green tea was applied to the skin for 20 minutes before the light therapy treatments began. After 1 month of testing, the subjects experienced incredible results that resulted in a reduction in wrinkles and improvements in complexion. The equivalent of 10 months of skin benefits was achieved in 1 month of using green tea combined with red light therapy.

The explanation for this phenomenon revolves around the anti-inflammatory effects contained within green tea, specifically EGCG. This ingredient has the ability to reduce harmful ROS (reactive oxygen species) that causes skin damage. In addition, light therapy has been shown to reduce inflammatory cytokines and mediators that can cause external and internal damage to the skin. Furthermore, red light therapy helps to boost collagen production which is essential for hydration and a youthful appearance. Applying a green tea mask or serum before using a light therapy mask like Dermabeam has tremendous benefits for the skin thanks to their synergistic effects of reducing inflammation and promoting collagen!

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