Shine light on your genitals! 

Note: I dedicate Dermabeam Light Therapy to my mom who passed away from ovarian cancer. Red light therapy has been shown to improve ovarian and testicular health and so much more. Cancer absolutely sucks so it’s my goal to make it less shitty with the power of light.

I have developed some fundamental beliefs:

1. Humans should shine red light on their balls and ovaries.

2. Light therapy devices will be ubiquitous.

3. Prevention is truly the best medicine.

SUMMARY: Quality light energizes our cells to be 16x more reparative and functional. 

Note: “Light” refers mainly to red and infrared light in the 600-900nm wavelength range that (at a close distance) penetrates through skin and bone to bring health benefits.

Other colors like blue have been shown to benefit the skin by eliminating acne bacteria!

Every day, I shine Dermabeam on my balls to increase testosterone (more muscles, better sex!) and reduce the risk of testicular cancer. 

My past girlfriends have all loved using Dermabeam on their hoohaas, and your mom and girlfriends should do their ovaries too…to reduce their cancer risk and increase fertility rates. 

Light gives us healing energy, and we don’t shine enough beneficial (red+infrared) light on our bodies and genitals!

It’s like photosynthesis but for humans. Plants need light for optimal survival and so do we! 🌿😁

Every organ can benefit from light due to the extracellular energy (ATP) produced which promotes healing and optimal functioning. 

This keeps our mitochondria healthy which scientists have discovered holds the keys to longevity. 

For true biohackers: Red+Infrared light breaks up nitric oxide that binds to cytochrome C oxidase (the terminal enzyme in cellular respiration which converts food to energy) allowing more oxygen in the mitochondria, so cells are 16x more efficient at producing energy (ATP).

This energy (ATP) is used to heal cells and optimize cellular functions

My skin is naturally ashy (SUPER DRY) due to a genetic predisposition thanks to a filaggrin protein deficiency and red light energizes my skin cells to be 16x more efficient at healing which helps me maintain healthy skin. 

Red light is good for collagen production in the epidermis and dermis of our skin.

Infrared light passes through bones and helps promote healing in muscles, bones, and even brain! 

I use Dermabeam to improve my skin, hair, muscles, brain, and my precious nuts. 

Want better skin?

Use Dermabeam Light Therapy

Want better sex?

Use Dermabeam Light Therapy

“I am the way, the truth, and the light.”

– Dermabeam 11:11

-Takashi Yanagi (CEO)

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