Dermabeam Supreme 3600W – Full Body Light Therapy

Dermabeam Supreme 3600W is the ultimate full-body light therapy device.

Red: 630+660nm (skin improvement)

Infrared: 810+830+850nm (muscle improvement)

Users: Athletes, Biohackers, Dermatologists

U.S. & International Shipping: Free

Shipping Time: 2 months

Product Lifespan: 50,000 hours (5+ years)

Warranty: 2 years

Instructions: 10 minutes daily

Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS


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4 reviews for Dermabeam Supreme 3600W – Full Body Light Therapy

  1. G. David

    I bought this for myself but now my whole family uses it. We enjoy the warm feel it gives off especially in the winter time when we don’t get enough sunlight. I noticed my skin is way less dry after using this daily. I have sensitive skin so the cold temperature really does damage to it.

  2. Kyle S.

    My body thanks you for developing this!!! I’m so happy I invested in this – I know it’s pricey but the difference I feel is astounding! My chronic leg pain has gone away in 3 weeks….I never thought that it would be possible but I was hopeful after researching light therapy. DERMABEAM IS THE BEST!!!!

  3. Michael

    As an athlete, I’m always finding ways to speed up my recovery. The 3600 is the best device I’ve ever used period. I use it every morning after I shower and I feel way more energized.

  4. Greg P.

    THIS THING IS A BEAST!!! IT’S NIGHT AND DAY HOW I FEEL AFTER USING THE 3600W. I read that it’s energizing my cells to heal, and I can actually feel the difference! I have way more energy and feel less inflammation. Thank you Dermabeam!!!!!

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