Dermabeam Supreme 3600W – Full Body Light Therapy


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Dermabeam Supreme 3600W is the ultimate full-body light therapy device.

Red: 630+660nm (skin improvement) // Infrared: 810+830+850nm (muscle improvement) // Weight: 88lbs // Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS // Shipping Time: 2 months // Product Lifespan: 50,000 hours (5+ years) // Warranty: 2 years // Instructions: 10 minutes daily

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15 reviews for Dermabeam Supreme 3600W – Full Body Light Therapy

  1. G. David

    I bought this for myself but now my whole family uses it. We enjoy the warm feel it gives off especially in the winter time when we don’t get enough sunlight. I noticed my skin is way less dry after using this daily. I have sensitive skin so the cold temperature really does damage to it.

  2. Kyle S.

    My body thanks you for developing this!!! I’m so happy I invested in this – I know it’s pricey but the difference I feel is astounding! My chronic leg pain has gone away in 3 weeks….I never thought that it would be possible but I was hopeful after researching light therapy. DERMABEAM IS THE BEST!!!!

  3. Tammy

    My friends love coming over just to use this. I feel great, thank you Dermabeam!

  4. Quin E

    As a biohacker, I wish I started using light sooner but this has contributed to improving my body the most our of any device I own.

  5. Michael

    As an athlete, I’m always finding ways to speed up my recovery. The 3600 is the best device I’ve ever used period. I use it every morning after I shower and I feel way more energized.

  6. Will Gray

    This thing is BIG – about 6ft tall and it covers every inch of the body. I’m a runner so my leg can get sore but this helps a lot with the pain.

  7. Greg P.

    THIS THING IS A BEAST!!! IT’S NIGHT AND DAY HOW I FEEL AFTER USING THE 3600W. I read that it’s energizing my cells to heal, and I can actually feel the difference! I have way more energy and feel less inflammation. Thank you Dermabeam!!!!!

  8. Umar

    I love using mine and want to gift my dad one too – he’s in pain so this will definitely help with his arthritis.

  9. Tracy

    The design and materials are really solid. The remote control broke tho after 3 months.

  10. Eryn

    My mom loves using this more than me haha, I’m happy with my purchase

  11. Omer S.

    My wrinkles are noticeably better after 3 months. This device is AWESOME.

  12. Yun Jin

    Improvements I’ve noticed after 100 days – skin is less dry and inflamed, my shoulder pain went away, my hair is thicker. WOW I LOVE USING THIS EVERY MORNING! WOLD RECOMMEND

  13. Paul W.

    This sits in my bathroom and I use it every time I step out of the shower. I get my daily dose of light therapy while I dry off and my skin is noticeably better after 2 weeks. I LOVE IT!!!

  14. Rachel Gunn

    This helps improve my seasonal depression in the winter time. I feel my energy level rise after each session.

  15. Iggy T

    The 3600 looks great while not taking up too much room. My leg injury feels so much better after using this. 5/5

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