Dermabeam Supreme 2400W – Full Body Light Therapy


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Dermabeam Supreme 2400W is the ultimate full-body light therapy device.

Red: 630+660nm (skin improvement) // Infrared: 810+830+850nm (muscle improvement) // Certifications: FCC, CE, ROHS // Product Lifespan: 50,000 hours (5+ years) // Shipping Time: 2 months // Warranty: 2 years // Instructions: 10 minutes daily

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(14 customer reviews)


14 reviews for Dermabeam Supreme 2400W – Full Body Light Therapy

  1. Angela S

    The Supreme 2400 has CHANGED my life. I was using it to boost my immune system. I read that it can help reduce infections. When I got COVID, I noticed my coughs went away after 2 DAYS of using this device. I’m a huge believer in light therapy now. Thank you Dermabeam!!!

  2. Nick G

    I LOVEEEE this device. I use it in the morning after I shower. I noticed my back pain is almost gone after 5 days of using it. I can really feel the inflammation subsiding.

  3. Priscilla M.

    My hair has grown much faster and thicker I’ve noticed – thanks Dermabeam!

  4. Finn U.

    The winters get brutal in Canada and the Supreme helps me manage seasonal depression and my immune system is definitely stronger, I notice the difference.

  5. Dixie P

    Very happy with my purchase – this device has improved my skin health by 10x

  6. Lilly

    I stand in front of this every morning and feel rejuvenated – 5/5 stars!

  7. Jenna O.

    The snowy winters suck and the light from this is POWERFUL. I feel sooo much better after using my supreme.

  8. Hector Gonzalez

    This helps my arm pain a lot – the inflammation has healed quickly.

  9. Craig T.

    This sits in my gym and I use it every time I step out of the shower. Light therapy has become my daily routine while I dry off and my acne is noticeably better after 3 weeks. I highly recommend getting one.

  10. Kassie F

    This will increase your electricity bill haha but it’s worth it! My health has significantly improved.

  11. Gabby

    I had to unscrew the back and fix one of the wires but it works now

  12. Sam O

    My leg pain has healed quickly thanks to the 2400w – it stands next to my bed and I try to use it daily for 10 minutes. highly recommend it!

  13. Zach V

    The 2400 machine boosts my mood every morning! I suffer from depression and this device helps me a lot so I”m thankful.

  14. Ashley B

    I have eczema on my neck and arms and this device helps me heal and maintain healthy skin. I use it every day after stepping out of the shower.

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