Stem Cell Mask (30 Sheets) – Included with Dermabeam Purchase


30 Sheets For Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Acne, & Hydration

Store in the fridge and use daily for 15 mins.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Tripropylene Glycol, Lactobacillus/Hydrolyzed Collagen, Ferment Filtrate Extract, Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate, Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Hydrolyzed Conchiolin Protein, Glycosyl Trehalose, Symphytum Officinale Leaf Extract, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Lecithin, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil


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23 reviews for Stem Cell Mask (30 Sheets) – Included with Dermabeam Purchase

  1. Megan

    For the price, I’m going to buy these again and again. My skin takes on a brighter appearance and feels so much smoother after using these.

  2. Kylie

    Excellent value and works like super food for the skin again great value 👍🏽

  3. Sumata

    I freaking love these. They are super gentle and have no alcohol.
    They give a nice little moisture surge and skin plump.

  4. Shawn

    These masks are amazing!!! Having scars left over from acne I was told that I’d have to pay for expensive laser therapy because the body can’t produce enough collagen to heal deep scars. Well using these masks for 2 months and I’ve seen SIGNIFICANT reduction in my scars they are almost completely gone! Gonna keep using until scars have fully healed!

  5. Lisa

    I bought these to send to my daughter as part of a care package. I tried one – they are amazing. They make your skin texture noticeably smoother and moisturizer.

  6. Hailey

    This feels amazing on my skin!

  7. Jose

    As a 40 yr. Old Hispanic male, I started caring about my face.. I was very skeptical about this product, so when I finally purchase it and started using them every day, I saw how much my skin has changed for the better.

  8. Alyssa

    My skin literally glows after using Hydrasheets so I’m satisfied!!

  9. Richard

    I have oily acne prone skin and these mask rejuvenates, moisturizes, keeps me looking young and gives me a glow.

  10. Tatiana

    The biggest drawback with these is that they tend to dry out faster than other brands I’ve tried. Before the 15 or 20 minutes is up parts of the face mask are already pretty dry, including the skin in that area underneath. For the price, though, I’m able to do these more often than once a week, which was what I was doing before.

  11. Chris

    These were nice but I didn’t notice any results. I used one everyday, and it maybe just added some moisture and was wonderful for relaxing.

  12. Pat

    My oily face is no more thanks to Hydrasheets! I use one every morning.

  13. Mikayla

    I love face masks! These seem a little too small for my face. My nose must be too big or something, but they worked just fine.

  14. Victor

    I like the cooling sensation while wearing them and the hydration they provide to my skin. The only reason I am not rating 5 stars is because I haven’t noticed a change to the forehead wrinkles I have

  15. Nancy

    They work wonders for me and my very acne prone skin. They are moisturizing and overall very effective. I would recommend refrigerating them

  16. Hannah

    LOVEEE these. One a day keeps the acne away!

  17. Nessa

    I’ve been using these sheet masks for a few months now and I’m very happy with them.

    •These masks pack a punch when it comes to hydration. As with most sheet masks, I cannot tell a huge difference between the masks. Each mask seems to do the same thing.
    •These masks are thick, soft and strong. They go on beautifully and stay in place. The only issue I have with placement is the part that you fold under your chin. It always comes undone and just hangs down. BUT this happens with pretty much every cotton sheet mask.

  18. Kiki

    I love that you get so many sheets in one pack. My skin feels hydrated and refreshed each time I use it!

  19. Courtney

    I love using Hydrasheets then my Dermabeam right after. My skincare routine has upgraded!!

  20. Alicia

    I really liked them. Only giving 4 stars because it doesn’t fit my face well but I make it work.

  21. Sammy

    These sheet masks are pretty nice. They’re fully saturated, but not to the point of dripping everywhere. I definitely notice a difference since I started using them, and the price point is great

  22. Austin

    These masks are good for moisturizing and do not irritate my skin at all. After using them, my skin feels soft and well hydrated.

  23. Sagit

    great uniqe mask, direct after the first use my skin got whitter💜

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